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The Kosova Resource process is simple.  We contact large transnational companies working out of Kosovo.  Primarily, our interests are to approach companies performing on contracts with the United States Government, however other organizations will also be approched in time.

Kosova Resource
will recruit, vet, and offer qualified candidates to these companies to meet their needs in conflict and post-conflict areas.  We will collect CVs and employment applications, verify english skills match the requirements of the position, and verify skills and qualifications of the applicants.

Kosova Resource will never accept money from a candidate.  We will only receive payment as a recruiting service from the companies receiving our services.

The process is simple:

1.  Interested candidates should download the Kosova Resources Data Sheet and the Kosova Resource Employment Application Form .

2.  Interested candidates should complete these forms, complete with signature, and submit scanned versions to recruiting@kosovaresource.com.

Kosova Resource will contact leading companies and offer your resume.  We will also verify that the applicant meets the companies specific requirements.

Kosova Resource will assist with any interview requirements levyed by the hiring company.

Once a hiring decision has been made, Kosova Resource will provide the hiring company with all of the contact information of the applicant.  We will invoice the hiring company at that time.