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GOOD NEWS:  Kosova Resource has assisted 501 Kosovo citizens find employment in the Middle East!!

Kosova Resource
is dedicated the proposition that the most valuable resource in the Republic of Kosovo is the people of Kosovo.

As a post-conflict area, Kosovo has benefited from numerous international agencies, international non-governmental agencies, and transnational companies operating in the region.  There is a large population of Kosovar citizens who have gained valuable experience working for these organizations.

Many of these organizations have recognized the value of their Kosovar team members and as international team members have moved on to other conflict and post-conflict areas, they have "reached back" to recruit individuals they are familiar with from their time in Kosovo.  While this has benefited many organizations and the individuals involved, it has been on an "ad-hoc" basis based on personal contacts.

We at
Kosova Resource believe that the same attributes that have made these employees so attractive to their parent organizations applies to the Kosovo population as a whole.

Kosova Resource was created to provide a link between companies and organizations working in conflict or post-conflict regions and the Kosovo Labor force.

WARNING:  If anyone has asked for or accepted money from you to apply with Kosova Resource  you should go to the police immediately.  They do not represent us and are not associated with us.  We never request or accept money or any other gratuity from any applicant.  To repeat, if you or anyone you know has ever paid money, or been asked to pay money or provide anything else of value, you should go to the police as you are a victim of fraud.

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